by JudithLynn

Universal and Personal Vibrations

Each year, one universal principle of law is presented, setting a tone for the next twelve months, giving us many experiences, and events which relate to the Universal law. Opportunities will be presented to expand our thinking; allowing us to act upon specific life lessons. Our free will gives us the choice to create positive or negative change in our lives and our world. Our actions individually and collectively affect ourselves and our world.


To find your personal year: add the month and day of birth to the universal year of your last birthday: then reduce it to a single digit. (Example: 12+1+ 2005= 2018=11/2) 12 01 2005 2018 = 11/2 Keep in mind, no matter what Personal Year you are in, the underlying Universal Year vibration will apply. Last years energy is in force until your next birthday.

One brings a new cycle of experiences, laying the ground work for the next nine years: making this a very important year to start with a clean slate. Things started under a One year will continue throughout the next nine year cycle. The direction and choices taken now are very important because right or wrong action now will follow you. Changes may not be noticed immediately but you will find opportunity for positive change being presented to you. Have the courage to make change but be careful not to be impulsive or head strong, as this will result in a negative outcome. The Color is Red.

Two is a time for cooperation, patience, and diplomacy. It is not a year to do things on your own. Advancements will develop through partnerships, and harmonious association and helping others without thought of personal gain. Be receptive to others ideas, this is a time for patience, the seeds started last year need time to germinate. Be open to new romance, new friends, and reconnecting with old acquaintances. You may find yourself over-sensitive, try not to take things too personally. The Color is Orange

Three presents the opportunity to express your dreams and aspirations through your innovative ideas, creativity and imagination. It is a good time for social gatherings and parities but be mindful not to over due it, anything done in excess is never good for the spirit. You will make many new friends, as well as, renew old friendships. Put ideas into action and express yourself, verbally and creatively. Try not to be too mentally scattered, it can cause stress and emotional tension. Positive seeds planted in your one Personal will surface this year, also any unsettled business left over can also surface, deal with it now and be done with it. All together is should prove to be a very good year. The Color is Yellow.

Four can at times feel of restrictive, but by following the function of the Four properly, you can accomplish much this year. This is a time for discipline, of foundation building, to apply your skills of organization, work and practicality. Do not make unnecessary changes. Your personal life may be tense, if you feel boxed in and unable to spread your wings, be patient in your Five Personal Year. . . you will have more freedom, and change then you can handle. Enjoy the order and structure of the Four. Set goals, make work or career changes, achieve balance and financial security through practical application. Guard against becoming a workaholic. The Color is Green.

Five will offer opportunities for many changes this year, after the slow pace of last year; you may feel a heavy weight has been lifted from yours shoulders. Expect change of all types; in your job, home, freedom, both personal and sexual. You will have a strong desire for personal freedom, especially from out-grown relationships and situations. Be mindful not to make promises you can’t keep or hurt others unnecessarily. The sudden and constant change in your life may make you feel a little unsettled. Beware that new things begun under a Five vibration are not long lasting. The Color is Turquoise.

Six is a year of responsibilities, and adjustments, especially regarding family and domestic obligations. Your family and home may require extra attention to maintain peace and harmony in your environment.. You may sell, buy or fix up your home. You could face a separation or divorce this year, on the flip side you can begin a new relationship, get engaged or married under this vibration. Remember do not offer advice unless asked and accept obligations graciously. The Color is Indigo.

Seven is a year of reflection and review of the past six years. The Seven year, more then any other, demands attention for personal, mental and spiritual renewal; opening you to more insights and inner awareness. It will be not only important, but necessary for you to take time for solitude, rest, meditate and improve you health. This is a year to nurture ones self. Take time for weekend outing with friends and family. Renew the spirit. On the mental plane this is an excellent time to write, study, do research, teach and share your knowledge with others. Normally, this is not the best year to begin new relationships or to promote new business or to make investments. Intuitive insights bring about added creativity. Trust the light within. The Color is Violet.

Eight is a year which will offer material and finances gain, successful business dealing, contracts, and investments. It is the time to reap the harvest from your hard work for the last seven years. Being efficient and by using good judgment; new doors of opportunities and advancement will come your way. Eight’s balancing effect will bring you opportunities to repay old debts, accept them with gratitude. In turn, any old debts will be repaid to you. This is a time to balance your spiritual and personal accounts, as well. Be open and receptive, the outcome will lead to career success and financial prosperity. Be modest, arrogance will not be tolerated. The Color is Pink.

Nine is a year to finish project, not begin them. Settle within self any regrets or mistakes you made during your last nine year cycle, carry nothing forward that is not for your highest good into your ONE year of new beginnings. The past can’t be changed, but you can learn from it. Resolve things within self and move on. Even negative brings great growth, especially, if we learned the lesson, we will not have to repeat them. If you have lived the past nine year in spirit and good intent, helped when you could, lived a positive life to the best of your ability; your rewards will be many; attainment, greatness, fortune, fame, knowledge, achievement, success and beauty. You can expect extraordinary love, friends and happiness this year. Save any new projects until your ONE personal year. The Color is White.

Eleven is a year of success by demonstrating your ideal and putting them into action, especially personal goals in the spiritual realm, to write, or for artist pursuits. The high vibration of this feminine energy can, at times, be very intense and emotional, causing you to be more nervous then normal. This is not a year for material pursuits; instead it is a time for inspiration and spiritual growth. Know because of the nature of Eleven’s intense energy, you have the option to use the lower vibration of Two. Be open to the angelic realms, the messages they send will enables you to help, and inspire others. The Color is Silver

Twenty-Two is a year of inspiration and spiritual growth. Your success comes from maintaining your equilibrium, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground while you reach for the heavens. By doing so; you can realize your dreams, plans and desires. Use this energy for the highest good of others, not for personal gain, doing so, will lead to failure. If you are not ready to devote yourself to the betterment of mankind this year, it is perfectly fine to use the lower vibration of the Four Personal year, instead. The spiritual highs are not as great but then neither are the lows. It is much better to wait until you are ready. You have the ability to achieve your ideals and goals through practical pursuits for the betterment of others. The Color is Gold.

Blessing to all. . .JudithLynn

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