Getting Back to Basics – How to connect with your Higher Self
Karen M Bair – Spiritual Healer, Ordained Minister

      I have been teaching on several different facets of Energy Healing for approximately 20yrs.  One thing I found is we must not forget the basics which some of us have forgotten.
      We are energetic beings with an electromagnetic energy field around us which helps protect our physical body as well as fueling our mental and emotional state.  Outside influences affect our auric fields (a subtle luminous radiation surrounding a person or object like a halo) and also our energy.
     There are seven energy spots on our physical body which can be compromised.  1.  Scattered. 2.  Deficient 3.  Excess. 4.  Blocked and last but not least 5.  Stagnant.
     What we will experience is how to clear our energy fields and allow the Universal Energy to enter our bodies in a positive manner.
     We will also touch on forgiveness and how we benefit from forgiving situations and individuals who played a negative role in our lives.  We will also discuss our thought patterns and to see the beauty within negative which holds us back from living life to the fullest.  We will also experience Healing Energy which includes, color and music.
     I am looking forward to experience this with you all.
Love & Light, Karen M. Bair

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Metaphysical Research Society 

September 14th 7:00pm

Senior Center, 3151 E 27th and Ray, Spokane, WA  99223 (Go south on winding roadway. See picture below)