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Speaker is Steve Janzen

New Energy Changes and How to Stay Stable within Them

We have several large changes going on in the world today with the change into the Age of Aquarius, the Earth moving upward in frequency, political changes and many more.  Each person has parts of it to deal with personally as well as learning to cope with the societal changes.

For many people, the change is all about finding a personal space that is stable enough for them to make it through the changes sanely.  Many others have larger goals that deal with groups of people or larger processes in society.

We will talk about the changes going on in a larger sense.  We will also talk about individual processes you can use to connect with the larger parts of yourself to be of assistance to yourself and society.  Things are likely to get stranger before they stabilize again, but the potentials for growth are huge.  It comes down to the individual making sense of their space and then becoming someone who can expand from there and help the whole.

You are here for a reason. You chose to come at this time to help with what is going on with our planet in all aspects. Be Prepared, It is essential for you growth.

I hope to see you there. Steve

Metaphysical Research Society 

JULY 13th 7:00pm

Senior Center, 3151 E 27th and Ray, Spokane, WA  99223 (Go south on winding roadway. See picture below)