​​​Channeling the Divine

By Catherine Walters

What is a channel?

How to open and connect to the Divine?

How to trust the messages you receive?

     Catherine will share how she discovered she could channel the Divine and give you tips on how to get ego out of the way and open to your multidimensional gifts on a regular, daily basis.

     Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and any consciousness that is not human by allowing that consciousness to express itself through the channeler.
      Some forms of consciousness or non-physical beings that allow and choose to communicate through channels are angels, ascended masters, goddesses, nature spirits, collective councils, dragons, unicorns, animals and pets.

     Channelers are similar to language interpreters. They are open and receptive to non-verbal communication from another being and are able to communicate it in human language.

     Catherine will share stories which illustrate how she learned to open to who she refers to as her Divine Friends, how They taught her and helped her to trust her gift over time in order to help others and herself as well.

     She can also be a medium, one who communicates with someone who has transitioned, though prefers to be a channel able to access higher beings.

     She’ll share some practical tools she has used that helped her develop this gift and prayers she uses daily in respect and gratitude for it. And, if time and if They so choose, the Divine Beings who channel though her, will channel for the group.

     Catherine never knows and simply remains open to what They’d like to do.




Catherine will be teaching a class on "How to Learn to Channel", at a later date.

Everyone is invited to come to these meetings. First time FREE. After that it will cost $5.00 per meeting for the year. To join for the year it is $25.00. We have many different subjects that are taught by different speakers.

Metaphysical Research Society 

February  14th, 2018,  2nd Thursday, 7pm

Unity Church, 29th & Bernard, Spokane, WA


February MRS Speaker

Catherine Walters

Channeling from the Divine

We will have a Valentine treat for everyone that comes