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 May Speaker is SAGE

Dialogue with an intuitive -  Sage.

This will be an interactive dialogue about her life as an intuitive. It will be your opportunity to ask questions about how Sage uses several intuitive/psychic phenomena when giving readings. We will take time to discuss some of the word definitions used in this field. If time allows there may be a few interactive demonstrations with the audience.

Sage will speak on the topic of what it is like, in her experience, to live the life of an intuitive/psychic, medium, medical intuitive, channel and energy “alignment or release” facilitator. If you like there will also be a bit of history about her intuitive journey from beginner to becoming a proficient teacher, master hypnotherapist, counselor and life coach for over 30 years.

Sage teaches over 10 different classes and is preparing for signups for book study groups, monthly support groups or monthly meditation and channeling groups. She is making available Hostess Reading Circles beginning in May.

She will also take a short survey regarding what type of classes you would like to take in the future. Please consider joining us for your chance to participate setting up your opportunities to learn. Get some insights of what it is like to be an intuitive and maybe you will choose to use your skills to help others.


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Metaphysical Research Society 

May 11th 7:30pm

Center for Spiritual Living, 33rd and Regal, Spokane, WA  99223