Susan Moyer will speak on the Essene Gospels for our June meeting.

“Peace I bring to thee, my children,
The Sevenfold Peace
Of the Earthly Mother
And the Heavenly Father.
Peace I bring to thy body,
Guided by the Angel of Power;
Peace I bring to thy heart,
Guided by the Angel of Love;
Peace I bring to thy mind,
Guided by the Angel of Wisdom,
Thou shalt travel the Seven Paths
Of the Infinite Garden,
And thy body, thy heart and thy mind
Shall join in Oneness
In the Sacred  Flight to the
Heavenly Sea of Peace.”   (Gospel of the Essenes, @1976 -- books 2 &3, page 52)
     The Essene Gospels are controversial. Some contend that they don’t exist – or at least not in the way author Edmond Szekely published them. Much material connected with the Essenes focuses on the vegan and raw foods diet this tradition espouses – yet one look at me clearly shows I do not follow that dietary regimen!
     The text of the Essene Gospels is what attracts me, and what I plan to present.
     Are they that different from our traditional Bible? Yes, definitely!  These Gospels include honoring Nature through the “angels of the Earthly Mother,” and also connecting with our spiritual side through the “angels of the Heavenly Father.” As humans, we are the one creation of God who is of the physical, yet also capable of achieving the ultimate spiritual evolution – that of becoming one with God. These Gospels can bring us a sense of completeness in our Being through the regular practice of meditating on these angels (or energies, if the concept of angels doesn’t draw you). There is a feminine/masculine – or physical/spiritual balance in this tradition that is lacking in many other major religions.
     In addition to these meditations, the books on the Essene Gospels have lovely poetic writings about the stars, trees and moon. The Essene Gospel version of the Book of Revelations is actually understandable! Scattered throughout the writings are lines that are the same as those in our standard Bibles (from the books of Genesis, Isaiah, John and Paul and probably more I have yet to discover).
     For my presentation, I will invite the audience to take part in reading the Essene Gospel’s version of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, then provide some time for discussion as desired. Remaining time will be up to those attending to decide on either another reading or time to contemplate/meditate on an angel so we can develop a deeper appreciation of it.
     I would love to start a study group of the Essene Gospels; please let me know if you are interested.
     If you’d like ongoing excerpts from and thoughts about the Essene Gospels, I am currently blogging about it via my website:   (The business name is Inner Journeys – please don’t let that confuse you!)
     Susan C. Moyer, MSW is currently a sound/vibrational healer after 25 years of practice as a psychotherapist in both mental health and addictions.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in   Psychology and Anthropology and a Master’s degree in Social Work.
     Susan has been a spiritual seeker since the mid-1980s. She has been reading and incorporating the practice of the Essene Gospels into her daily life for the past 2 ½ years.



Metaphysical Research Society 

June 14th, 2018,  7pm

Unity Church, 29th & Bernard, Spokane, WA