APRIL M.R.S. Speaker​


Connecting Through the Heart Space

Steve will talk about connecting with the people in your lives through the Heart Space.

Steve says "I will add connections to the elementals and the earth. From this space, I will talk about some of the types of elementals and how to work with them so we can all get into a stable space with individual and group connections to them. This space will then be used to expand out and assist other people and the earth.

I’m hoping everyone will leave with some personal skills they can use to help themselves, their friends and families and the earth.

This will take a little effort from everyone there, but it should have a large effect on our world."

I hope to see you there, Steve Janzen, Vice President of the Metaphysical Research Society. 
Steve is trained in many metaphysical modalities and has a wealth of information on many topics.

We will be celebrating anyones Birthday that is in April. Coffee, tea and dessert.

Our Spring Fair is May 11, 2019. Held at Unity church, 29th and Bernard.

Metaphysical Research Society 

April 11th,  2nd Thursday, 7pm

Unity Church, 29th & Bernard, Spokane, WA