Exploring the Gift of Mindfulness by Darlene Walsh-Martin

     Mindfulness Definition:  Mindfulness meditation is the practice of intentionally focusing one’s attention in the present moment to increase personal awareness. Mindfulness meditation is attention training.  Practicing present focused attention, has been described as changing one’s relationship to thought. Increasing awareness has also been described as helping to bring change to individuals’ internal and external environments. In addition, increasing awareness has been found to provide benefit in emotional areas (depression, anxiety, stress, obsessive thought/compulsive behavior, posttraumatic stress) and numerous physical areas (chronic pain, immune functioning, sleep, binge eating, substance abuse).  

     Darlene is a licensed psychologist in the state of Washington. I have been teaching evidenced, research based Mindfulness classes in a local psychiatric facility for many years and also teaching Mindfulness classes in the community. As research suggests, as a Mindfulness Meditation instructor I have been enhancing my understanding and teaching of mindfulness concepts and skills by practicing (research-based) Mindfulness meditation for many years.

Darlene Walsh-Martin, PhD

Metaphysical Research Society 

September 13th, 2018,  7pm

Unity Church, 29th & Bernard, Spokane, WA