Metaphysical Research Society 

April 12th, 2018,  7pm

Unity Church, 29th & Bernard, Spokane, WA


                      April 12th, 7pm, Unity Church, 29th & Bernard

M.R.S. April Speaker,  Pat Dougherty, Holistic Chiropractor on
Launching Crusades creating polarization in the Metaphysical Community

live in a synthetic culture that pushes us toward polarization. We pick sides, then launch crusades. Big ones, little ones, and they mostly devalue our humanity. They reduce our capacity for love and compassion. Always, reduced love and compassion equals more ego, less stillness. In other words, our crusades move us away from the stillness that is our salvation and joy. 

Of course there are differing levels of polarization. One that is especially pertinent here is when the Metaphysical community polarizes. Then, the learning and the seeking are arrested to some degree. 

There is something that lurks beneath consciousness, and can move us to a higher metaphysical plane. We often try to label the something; spirit, heart, universal intelligence, gut, intuition, subconscious. Those things are found in the stillness that is an escape from the conscious mind. Many times, attempts to access that stillness and reach a higher metaphysical plane are affects of the ego that can move us away from the stillness.

Access to the quantum/holographic/electromagnetic field that encompasses spirit, heart, universal intelligence, gut, intuition, subconscious is found in the stillness that dissolves ego; opening doors. We humans have a historical penchant for embracing one facet of the quantum field, at the expense of the total picture; polarization. That is when the ego, once again, begins a crusade.

Hopefully, by recognizing metaphysical polarization, we can integrate more effectively with the quantum field. If we can do that, attachments fade. Then we stay open to learning. Perhaps we can open up enough to escape our modern day superiority complex and rediscover the secrets of ancient civilizations that are often denied their genius, and even existence.

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