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About Metaphysical Research Society

Who We Are

A History of the M.R.S (Metaphysical Research Society): The society was started in September 1970, and Incorporated March 5, 1971 by a few people in the Spokane, Washington area that wanted to help people to become aware of what Metaphysical concepts were and to bring them out of the closet. Dell Houchins who owned the Metaphysical Book Store had people coming into the store who wanted to form a club. The Metaphysical Research Society was born out of that concept. You have to remember in the 70's the only place to do research was in the library and there were a few articles written in magazines and books. They had different members speak on what they knew about subjects, like Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, I Ching, Automatic Writing, etc. They printed a small news pamphlet called, "The True Seer", on many subjects for their members on a mimeograph machine because there were no copy machines, computers and what we have now for the average citizen to use. This society developed into a club with many members wanting to know about subjects that weren't "out there" in the main media which was your newspapers, TV and radio. The M.R.S. was the first in this area to bring to Spokane, a Metaphysical Fair, (called a seminar) in September, 1972. Every two years the club would have the Metaphysical Fair with speakers, dinner and entertainment. It took all year to get it together with monthly meetings, There was no e-mails and pictures going across the wires. It took a lot of writing letters and mailing back and forth and a few phone calls. Most  of the speakers were authors of books. Some of those speakers are now famous and on the Expo's circuit with speaking engagements.


The Metaphysical Research Society (M.R.S.) believes there are  many pathways to enlightenment. All of these pathways are founded in the love which supports and energizes the Creation as a whole. The M.R.S. believes that no one pathway is the "correct" pathway. A pathway is a matter of personal choice. The M.R.S. believes in the sanctity and fundamental value of the individual. The M.R.S. also believes that self-understanding, self-responsibility and creative development are fundamental values and aspects of enlightenment.


The purpose of the M.R.S. is to provide its membership, and public in general, opportunities to assist in their enlightenment. The M.R.S. also claims as a subsidiary, but fundamentally connective purpose, to provide a source of "family" from within which its members can explore the many pathways to enlightenment. The emphasis on family is to be as much as possible a source of encouragement, support, challenge and celebration for its members  for the sake of self-understanding, self-responsibility and creative development--the ultimate goals of enlightenment.


1.  As its name implies, the first goal of the M.R.S. is to provide opportunities for its members, and the public in gerenal, to explore metaphysical issues and interests. In order to provide these opportunities. The M.R.S. establishes the following objects to which it commits its continued existence:
   a)   To conduct monthly meetings eleven (11) times per year on the second Thurs
day of the month, to provide its members the opportunity to address issues which pertain to the continued existence and health of the organization. These programs will be of a metaphysical nature. Metaphysical being defined as "opportunities to explore pathways to enlightenment." The programs will run an hour in length and will immediately follow the monthly business meeting.

   b)   To present two psychic-health fairs yearly which allow its members and the general public, the opportunity for direct contact with psychic-health practitioners at a nominal entrance fee. The charge will be determined by the Board of Directors and voted on by the membership. The dates of the fairs are to be determined by the Board and are to be held approximately every six months in the spring and fall. When you become a member, you will be given a copy of the By-Laws which has more information and the rest of the 10 goals.