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September 27, 2014
Unity Church, 29th & Bernard, Spokane, WA

10 to 4 pm

See You in the Spring

Mark your Calendar!

September 27th is the

Psychic & Health Fair

Entrance Fee $20
All Readings and Body Work Free
Vendors available



Our local psychics and body workers will share their talents with you all day Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm at Unity Church, 29th & Bernard, in Spokane, WA.
   I stress local health workers and psychics because at our M.R.S. Psychic & Health Fair we use mostly local people so you have availability of them all year round.

For an entrance fee of only $20, you are entitled to have all of the mini-readings or body work that you have time for, FREE.

Our generous body workers and psychics offer their mini-readings/body work as an outreach to the community. It is the Metaphysical Research Society's and the body workers/psychics' way of educating (and enlightening) the public to an expanded world view and an expanded consciousness.

Some of our body workers and psychics are just beginning to do body work and readings for the public. Others are real veterans, tried and true. Those who come for readings and healings are encouraged to sample from each and every body worker and reader. All usually have their cards and information ready to share with you in case you would like to employ them for an in-depth reading by appointment at some later date. We have no "fly-by-night" readers!

Some of the ones we have had at past fairs are: Angel readings, Psychometry, Astrology, Tarot, Rune Stones, Cards of Destiny, I Ching, UFO information, Numerology, Palm reading, various forms of body work techniques, Reiki, Energy balancing, Massage etc.

We also have a variety of vendors of jewelry, crystals, metaphysical supplies, etc.

The purpose for the Psychic and Health Fair is to be an outreach and educational event for the community. It is also a fund raising event so that the Metaphysical Research Society can continue to provide interesting (often fascinating!) speakers at the monthly meetings, sponsoring of families for Christmas with food, gifts and clothes, and as with all such endeavors there are the inevitable bills to be paid. . . .

The Psychic and Health Fairs that we present in the Spring and Fall are a truly delectable treat to satisfy your "spiritual sweet tooth." Come experience our body workers and psychics. Come experience warmth and fellowship from all fellow seekers on a special day for all of us.

We ask that you contact the webpage host listed on this page, if you would like to participate in this Fair as a reader, body worker etc. What a great way to get your name out to the people of this area that you are here to help those in need of the service you provide. This costs you nothing but your time.

We need members to help with setting up/taking down tables, chairs, picking up trash, taking water to readers, etc.

We need all kinds of readers, health workers, dowsers, UFO information, etc.

For information 509-838-8155.
Set-up time is 8am. Doors open at 10am to the public. BRING YOUR OWN TABLE AND COVER. We will furnish the chairs.

If you want a spot in this fair, call 509-838-8155 and leave message or



Our set-up time is 8am. First come, first serve. Bring your table as there are few tables available. We have plenty of chairs. Your readings will be 10 minutes. Healings are 10 to 15 minutes. Bring your business cards, flyers and brochures to share and your table cover.

Doors open at 10am. We will have a prayer circle to set ours intentions around 9:45.

We furnish lunch, pay the expenses of the building and provide the advertising.

You help the club by providing the readings and healings by volunteering and we all get the word out to the community about how this helps everyone that comes.

We close at 4pm and take-down till 5pm. We ask that you honor the times, like the 10 minute and the closing at 4pm.

When readers have gone over these times, we hear the complaints at the door.








Anya Carlson Past Life Readings 509-535-2596
Deborah Soul Cards & Runes Readings 509-535-7101
Dan Ashe Body & Soul Dowsing 509-280-1024
Gina Peterson Clearing Chakras, Removing Negative Attachments 509-496-6501
Charles Lightwalker Readings 509-389-7290
Chris Williams Life Guidance 509-989-6556
Harvey Caine Psychic Counseling 509-270-1234
Lee Angels Readings 509-844-5362
Michael Parkes Tarot 509-329-8547
Sandra Sitzpatrick Dream Reading & Energy Tuning 208-449-2215
Peggy Sue Perry Readings 509-995-2882
Renate Herrmann Chinese Numerology 509-448-1846
Pat McGinnis Numerology 509-326-5583
Steven Janzen Gem Stone Healing/Intuitive Energy Connections 509-891-9329

Eala Ruby Heart BodE Balancing 509-710-1954
Charlie & Sandy Achziger Vibration Healing 509-487-1228
Bill Pitre Pranic Healing 509-483-1020
Bemer Open Line To Health Bemer opening your capillaries for your body to heal itself 509-499-1901


Marissa Lewis Plant- based Nutrition, Essential Oils, Amethyst Bio-Mat 509-999-8802
By GINA Mystical Art and Things 509-389-2105
Wellness Education Center School of Massage 509-280-0839
Heidi Moses Orgone Jewelry & Art 509-475-1990




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